Vanessa graduated in 2013 from Heriot-Watt University, Scotland where

she spent four years studying textile print design. She was also one of three

selected to study abroad at Philadelphia University, PA in the United States

during her programme.


Vanessa's fabrics are created through a combination of screen printing,

digital printing, embroidery, flocking and appliqué. Her observational

work utilises many media, including watercolour paints, ink, collage and

wire.  This helps her translate line and texture from 2D and 3D subjects.

She also has experience with lasercutting, including a giftwrap & card

project set by Marks & Spencer.


Several of her designs were featured in the Patternbase Book by Kristi

O'Meara & Audrey Victoria Keiffer and her work has been shown at

Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh in an exhibit curated by Mark Eley (Eley

Kishimoto) as well as New Designers, London.